Design Lets Summit Motoryachts Create Yachts That Are Truly Different

Summit Motoryachts were conceived to be performance cruising yachts, and design is the key to delivering the difference in a crowded marketplace. Because Summit Motoryachts was started by Kadey-Krogen Yachts, our founders understand the importance of design in creating yachts that achieve the goals laid out in their design brief. Just as the designs of Jim Krogen reinvented bluewater cruising for generations of trawler aficionados, so is Summit Motoryachts creating a new standard for performance cruising. The truth is, nothing trumps experience when it comes to achieving groundbreaking design, both in the technical aspects of how a hull runs and cruises efficiently, and how it can deliver comfort to its owners and guests.

Summit Motoryachts Are Designed by Michael Peters Yacht Design

To deliver the full package of performance and onboard comfort, we turned to the vaunted firm of Michael Peters Yacht Design, a company that made its name in powerboat racing, but has since come to mean much more to the many boaters who have benefited from the wisdom of these designs. Michael Peters and his team design every aspect of the yacht, from the running surface and propulsion system, to the exterior look and the the interior layout from engine room to accommodations.

Getting Around the Exterior Decks Sets Summit Motoryachts Apart

The designs of the exterior deck spaces on Summit Motoryachts allow the crew to get around with ease, feel safe while they enjoy fresh air and pleasant conditions, and use more of the yacht. From seating and sunpads to wide side decks and easy-to-navigate steps, Summit Motoryachts are designed with comfort and safety in mind.

An Interior to Match All Cruisers’ Needs

The main deck layout on cruising yachts have evolved to suit the ways that people live their lives today. The helm area has no lack of companion seating for the whole crew to share fun times on even the longest cruising legs. Fun, casual dining spots and a galley at the center of the action are designed to meet the needs of self-sufficient snackers and gourmet chefs alike.

Cruising in Comfort Has Never Been So Easy

Summit Motoryachts builds performance yachts, but they’re designed to maximize the performance for the duration of a cruise. But it goes beyond just fuel burn and speed over ground, though those metrics are certainly important. Instead, consider the human factor, where performance means the owner and guests enjoy their time aboard, and get rested and feel relaxed, so they’re able to maximize the effect of the days at sea. That’s real performance in a cruising yacht.

Better Performance Comes from Smart Systems Design

Summit Motoryachts are designed with several critical systems in mind, to ensure that they deliver their important functions reliably. It’s a lesson imparted to us by bluewater cruisers: Make accommodations to keep maintenance simple and pain-free and it will be completed on a regular schedule.