An Interior to Match All Cruisers’ Needs

Cruisers have changed the way they use their yachts and the yachts, by necessity have shifted their design to focus on what’s most important. The way the main deck is used on many yachts today shows a focus on gathering family and friends together, making the best use of time, by giving each person their autonomy while still able to feel like part of the group.

Have a look at the layout: There aren’t a lot of bulkheads breaking up the space into smaller rooms. The result, better lines of sight from the helm, more places for people to spend time together—or alone—while still able to see what the others are doing.

One way to look at it: Consider the different times of day, and how each space will best be used. It may give a prospective buyer some insight into the choices Summit Motoryachts offer to cruisers, and how this layout—and this yacht—would change the way they could cruise.

7 AM: Coffee in the Galley on Board

This settee opposite the galley is an inviting spot for that first cup of coffee. It’s easy to see in this view with the aft bulkhead door and window open. Closed it works well because you don’t need to get dressed, and can enjoy the company of loved ones while peering out on the docks or the mooring field, or the anchorage, should you find yourself mid-cruise. It’s convenient to the galley for a top-up while you formulate the day’s plan.

11 AM: Underway and Cruising to the Next Port of Call

The helm deck area at the forward end of the saloon is sure to make any serious cruiser happy. A door grants easy access to the side deck from the helm, while companion seating ensures the first mate is close by. Even better, there’s a comfortable settee in the saloon positioned opposite so the rest of the party can enjoy the… well, the party.

1 PM: Lunch and Discussion of the Afternoon Ahead in the Anchorage

The galley is situated to be handy for serving lunch—and, indeed, every other onboard meal—to the aft deck or the saloon table forward, and has plenty of space for provisions and the tools of the trade. Large windows let natural light illuminate the cooking area. Everyone can sit together or spread out inside, outside, or even up on the flying bridge. After the inevitable quick nap, some of the owner’s party may launch the tender to explore a secluded cove nearby or swim off the stern swim platform or read on the flying bridge and take in the sights.

5 PM: Cocktails and Snacks in Indoor-Outdoor Comfort

After a day of fresh air and sunshine, as evening falls it begins to cool down. Some members of the group got a bit of a chill swimming so much, so they want to sit inside, but they can still be part of the conversation. The galley has plenty of counter space for snacks and the serving bar on the aft deck makes it easy to all be together and enjoy each other’s jokes and laughter. There are some steaks in the fridge, so we don’t have to go anywhere. Let’s spend the night out here.