A Performance Cruiser Delivers on More than Just Speed

For all the onboard comforts they offer, Summit motoryachts and cruisers are designed and built with performance as a key element of their makeup. After all, a yacht is truly only as comfortable to its owners as the feeling that she will step up when called upon, and deliver the speed and seakeeping they expect.

Summit Motoryachts was founded with the idea of delivering on the promise of performance. To that end, we brought all the elements together to create a yacht worthy of the name. We worked with Michael Peters at Michael Peters Yacht Design, a design firm that got its start with raceboats and performance hulls, but has since expanded to meet the needs of a wide variety of yachtbuilders as well as discerning custom-project owners. Our expertise on fit and finish and hull construction is second to none, and we’re applying everything we’ve learned as we approach a half-century of boatbuilding with our pioneering Kadey-Krogen Yachts bluewater trawlers.


Speed Is a Key Factor for the Ideal Performance Cruiser

This expectation of performance during the buying process begins and ends with speed. No matter that most yachts spend less than one percent of their operating hours at wide open throttle, a common question heard on the docks at many boat shows is, “How fast is she?” The answer to that question is undoubtedly important, but there’s more to performance than this one metric. For one thing, it’s how the yacht handles at all speeds will enter into the equation when owners start calculating how happy they are.

Engines Provide the Power to Cruise

No matter which model of Summit Motoryacht our buyers are considering, they can approach the decision knowing that the choice of engines were considered carefully within the design process. An engine room that’s designed around the engines is very important. It means that the engines aren’t shoehorned into a space much too small for them. There are many other considerations that can make a difference.

Planing Hulls Are the Smart Choice

Planing hulls are the most efficient way to go faster on the water: Once they reach a certain speed determined by hull shape, they hop up out of the water—or climb out of the hole—and ride on the surface. Because the hull is on the surface of the water, less of the hull actually touches the water, so there’s less friction to overcome with horsepower and fuel burn. It’s this combination of speed and efficiency that inspired the team at Summit Motoryachts to design a planing hull for a cruising yacht.